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The following is an excerpt from ZZT, Anna Anthropy's upcoming book about Epic boss Tim Sweeney's classic game creation system. Read more...
Published Apr 25, 2014
Aside from a few decent anime movies, Street Fighter's theatrical history is one to forget. Good thing this isn't a movie, then.Read more...
Published Apr 25, 2014
Well, this is a pleasant surprise. Mashed, an arcade racer released on Xbox and PS2 (and in some places PC) a decade ago, just hit Steam. This, along with Broforce , are two very good reasons to start using your PC for local co-op.Read ...
Published Apr 25, 2014
Jason Scheier is an artist who has worked at Double Helix Games (Silent Hill) and, more recently, Dreamworks.Read more...
Published Apr 25, 2014
One of the first video games I ever played was 1986's The Great Escape. It's nice to see a more modern return to the idea.Read more...
Published Apr 25, 2014
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ShepardTEST   joined The Four Aces
Allonsen [WO]Busy weekend for the outfit, innit?
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Wigglekins [WO]  created a new thread H1Z1 Survival Game? in the General Discussion forum
Reminder of event Pervasive Hat Tricks and Tactics on 2014-04-25 11:00:00
The goal of this event is to successfully use some of the 4ace tactics. I'm aiming for three consecutive ,and successful, strategies to be used against our...
XanderWiFi Officer[EXACTA]If you want to contribute to the outfit be sure to submit a leadership application to step up and be recognized!
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justusw98 Z and RiPxSadPanda joined The Four Aces
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XanderWiFi Officer[EXACTA]  welcome in folks!
x3z8 OfficerSo how was the DayZ event? I didn't go because I would have had to bail 15 minutes in, but I hope it was a success!
XanderWiFi Officer[EXACTA]Anniversary Ops were superb! Everyone showed great mettle tonight!
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