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[Adj] ChilledYooper [EXACTA]  Hey I have the same shirt and mug... Just switch the emblem and logo between the two
TarnaknakI do feel proud of my old outfit though, we captured 4 bases B) musta been a sign to join the 4 aces
[DL] x3z8 DLAST[EXACTA]We may have to delay the event, but not by long! Servers should be up in roughly 45 minutes.
darkwolf Z  *sigh* still waiting
darkwolf Z  servers are up
[DL] x3z8 DLAST[EXACTA]  And now OUR server is up!
[BM] DeeCav BM[EXACTA]If you have not hopped onto the Star Citizen band wagon after watching this trailer then something is wrong with you! Epic is all I have to say! I love the final shot with the Constellation hangin out in a field. Ya know, just chillin! :)
Imagine: Star Citizen
Imagine: Star Citizen trailer ------------------------------...
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phenik [EXACTA]  makes me want to sell my ships so I can buy them all over again!
[CO] XanderWiFi Z[EXACTA]  At new market prices? :)
[Adj] ChilledYooper [EXACTA]If you need an Aurora for star citizen they have a limited number for $20
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[WO] krystophv WO[EXACTA]  There's like 2,000 of them left.
[Adj] ChilledYooper [EXACTA]  Who changed my name....
[WO] Hexwrench WOWho is interested in an official Arena Commander 1.0 event tomorrow?

Enough time to spread the word and account for time zones.
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[BM] DeeCav BM[EXACTA]  If I'm around tomorrow I'll definitely be involved. I'm downloading the 20GB 1.0 update now. It's saying only 4 hours to go.....not bad for 20GB download.
[BM] DeeCav BM[EXACTA]  Actually correction....2 hours to go for 18GB....2.23MB/s...zoom,zoom
[WO] Hexwrench WOSo, unless I misheard this, there will be another $20 aurora package sale (5000 limited inventory) in 24 minutes when Arena Commander 1.0 launches!!!
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[WO] Hexwrench WOHoly crap that starmap looks amazing.
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[WO] MrBurbick WO  Is there a link??
[BM] DeeCav BM[EXACTA]  Yeah it looked incredible. I'm sure there will be a youtube video link up soon. I'll probably be jumping into Arena Commander tonight.
[WO] krystophv WO[EXACTA]  Now I need to decide... Mustang Beta or Mustang Delta?
[BM] daswehrmacht BM  uploaded an image to Random
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[WO] Hexwrench WOArena Commander 1.0 AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
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[WO] MrBurbick WO  You got the PTU? NIIIIIIIICEEEEE!
[WO] krystophv WO[EXACTA]  So yeah, it seems that for right now, the PTU is basically AC 1.0... meaning the 22.5 GB I downloaded earlier for the PTU update... I get to download that again for the AC 1.0 update.
Kahul BaneFrom RSI page

You’re bound to notice that your My RSI menu has changed as well. Not only does it now feature your badges and Org, it also leads you to your Contact list. We call this “Platform Contacts”. This Contact list is the gateway to the game’s brand new Lobby system : Follow anyone from anywhere in the site and find them easily in your game Lobby. Detailed instructions on how to use your contact list will come in the next Arena Commander User Manual.

This is a first release of Platform Contacts that only allow you to follow other people and then invite them to play inside the game.The next updates will add full friends list features to Contacts allowing you to see updates and realtime online status of your friends across Star Citizen. Once again, stay tuned!
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[WO] Squilrhunter WO  DeeCav knows my name!!!
[BM] DeeCav BM[EXACTA]  hahaha I haven't gone senile just yet......I am aware of outfit members. Some more than others of course.
[WO] Squilrhunter WO  Its just ive never, in my 1.3 years being here, have ever had a full conversation with you lol
[DL] Willame DLZ[EXACTA]DayZ stable is updating right now, 1.1 Gb
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[BM] DeeCav BM[EXACTA]Cloud Imperium Games is giving a Holiday Live Stream on Star Citizen that starts in just under 2 hours for anyone interested. [link]
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sveden OfficerZDay Z Stable is down for an update peeps. We are getting lots of new toys to play with over the Holiday break. Woot!
Brian Hicks on Twitter
Stable branch offline for 0.52 update folks. Hang on to yer buttz.
sveden OfficerZ  Changelog - [link]
sveden OfficerZ  Christmas is cancelled boys, Central server is under DDOS attack. No Day Z ATM.
[DL] x3z8 DLAST[EXACTA]  Lol, assholes every time. Oh well.
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