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Wayne   joined The Four Aces
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Sabercrystals ZInside of the RV
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[WO] Squilrhunter WO  I sense that the sarcasm is strong in this one
[CO] XanderWiFi [EXACTA]  road trip!!!
LtDroid   Looks really fun :)
Sabercrystals ZAlso we got a new battery today as the two we had before couldn't hold a charge. 138 dollars later
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Sabercrystals ZI will be pulling this behind as well with a car tow. *note the magnet. The Four Aces will be able to see the WHOLE country!
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[BM] ONIblue BM  Umm... idk, maybe
[CO] XanderWiFi [EXACTA]  I do. On my mustang, novelty plates that is. Not commemorative though I don't think
Sabercrystals Z  I mean like the cover. Not the actual plate, sorry should have worded that better
[DL] Allonsen DLModeratorHey, people. If you like reading, but don't feel like doing it alone, check out the Book Club thread in the Forums. . . check out the Forums anyway, it's a nifty place to be (all the cool kids are doing it!).
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Sabercrystals ZRoute66 on the back (or at least I like to think it is...)
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Sabercrystals ZTurns out everything works... The engine worked itself out as well as the genny. It was just bad gas working its way through. A few more pics incoming.
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[BM] daswehrmacht BMAST
What it's like to operate a vanguard
Actual representation.
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[BM] Mushroom C1oud BM  created a new thread FPS Studio AMA Q&A in the Star Citizen forum
[BM] Mushroom C1oud BMThe team working on the FPS portion of Star Citizen are giving out tons of amazing information. Sounds like the developers are some PS2 fans too :)
We are the Star Citizen FPS Team, Ask us anything! * /r/IAmA
We're REDACTED, the team working with Cloud Imperium Games to make the FPS Module for Star Citizen. PROOF:...
[CO] XanderWiFi [EXACTA]  Yes. PS2 folks recognize. Other groups have wanted us to join for our FPS coordination. We will definitely be having some fun and continuing that in Star Citizen when we explore those abandoned monster filled ships!
Goku4444Just to show off a little I am leaving for Venice in 2h :) See you later people...
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Themerica Officer  Have fun!
Sabercrystals Z  Have fun Goku! Swim a little won't you?
[WO] MrBurbick WOIts almost Friday...hopefully 24 hours from now I will be sitting at my computer shooting things.
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[DL] x3z8 DL[EXACTA]AST  created a new thread In case you were wondering where our logo was in the... in the Star Citizen forum
LtDroidShe sees the light!
Girl Busts Parents as Tooth Fairy in Cute Letter
Reddit/willsanderson Dear "Tooth Fairy,"... So begins 9-year-old Lexi's letter to her mom and dad, Redditor willsanderson, whoposted a photo of the note on Reddit with the headline...
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