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Even "Plank" grew up in Isaiah Stephens' fan-art where all the idiotic characters from the classic show Ed, Edd n Eddy are now adults.Read more...
Published Aug 1, 2014
The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior is the story of the everyday life of a group of eccentric, diverse people living under one roof. It's silly, lighthearted, and—like most slice-of-life anime tales—ultimately goes ...
Published Aug 1, 2014
People dress up as famous characters and ask for money all the time. But how many of them dress as Bumblebee and ask for money for a trip back to Cybertron?Read more...
Published Aug 1, 2014
So far the Neptunia franchise has been three mediocore RPGs and a passable IDOLM@STER parody—so my hopes weren't the highest going into its first strategy RPG. But let me tell you, there is a lot to love in Hyper Goddess Faith Noire: U...
Published Aug 1, 2014
The newest game in the Neptunia series stars some of the most well-known game franchises reimagined as anime girls. But the character designs are far from the only shout-out to these series. You should see some of the special attacks.Rea...
Published Aug 1, 2014
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YDOC02can some one please tell me why everyone wants to be Shep and who Shepersa is
YDOC02   that would be nice if you could explain that
[WO] phenik WO[EXACTA]  lunar was at sheps, there may have been alcohol involved, so everyone became a shep, shepersa is sandersa :)

Lunar: (3rd flight ever, 1st time in vandul swarm, didn't even know about locking on til wave 4) this seems a little easy...

Shep: well as you progress the enemies get harder, there are 15 waves in total.

Lunar: I'm on wave 10...

Shep: oh...
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[DL] NewLunarRepublic DL[EXACTA]  Also half drunk, too drunk to remember that fact!
[WO] phenik WO[EXACTA]  and I have to break my legs off to use my Freelancer toilet!, so tiny
[WO] MrBurbick WOWolfenstein is a ton of fun. A huge thanks to whoever donated a copy and to the outfit for auctioning it off! Thanks so much. Hopefully changing from AMD---->Intel tomorrow so I might be down for the weekend but when I return look for some Wolfenstein play through streams.
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lilfitti [EXACTA]The Shep army:
Sergant Shep
Not Shep
Clone Shep
shep (mobile)
The True Shep
Shep the Gangsta
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[WO] MrBurbick WO  One Shep, Two Shep, Red Shep, Blue Shep....
lilfitti [EXACTA]  uploaded an image to Random
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Rhoydrayge [EXACTA]Sup guys! So I plan on getting a head count for this weekend for a pick up scrimmage. Just like this status if your interested. Aiming for mid Saturday afternoon at 3pm cst.
[WO] Sandersa WO  wait what, explain more.
YDOC02   um convert that to eastern and ill be there
SirvisionAltarVision's jeep
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[WO] x3z8 WO[EXACTA]  Oh yeah, I can see why that isn't exactly street legal anymore. That's a dwarf monstertruck, not a jeep.
[WO] Billygoat286 WOSpace Engineers server is back up. If it goes down and I don't post about it going down.. please inform me immediately.
[WO] IronMan243 WO  ok ill get to work lol
[WO] phenik WO[EXACTA]  just saw a "the4acesoutfit" server but game says vilayer hosted, and it's not our map, is that yours ?
[WO] phenik WO[EXACTA]  ah your server is there, still says out of date version, so question is who has the vilayer server
[WO] MrBurbick WOI have been testing and getting stream setups together all week. If anyone has the outfit Twitch account info they are able to pass along that would be helpful. I have an invite to stream, but it would be nice to be able to change the game and who is playing.
CrocketeerSo I've been thinking, I want to get more involved in the community here but I don't know just what games we all play, and I can't really reach anyone on steam where I keep all my games. So... I can't find a 4ACE steam group and I haven't ever heard of one, so what if we started one up to have people connect a bit easier? I don't have access to my computer for about two more weeks so if we want it now someone else has to put it up (they probably know more than I do about it). But if I don't see it by the time I get back I'll see if I can do it myself.
Crocketeer   WELP... Searched for the wrong title. Thanks!
[WO] x3z8 WO[EXACTA]  Lol.
[BM] BromeHelstrom BM  Haha. That's fine! We've also added the steam group link to the main page, (Look beside the logo!)
[DL] daswehrmacht DLAST
How I feel after we win an alert.
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[WO] x3z8 WO[EXACTA]  Well, points for accuracy.
[WO] Theomanic WO  So true.
Sabercrystals Z  That is the closest thing I have ever heard to the truth!
DEATH_BY_NATURE   created a new thread DEATH_BY_NATURE's introduction in the Member Introductions forum
[Adj] DeathCommrade [EXACTA]I need some help with an issue with my smartphone so any suggestions are welcome.

ISSUE: Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Toro) can no longer connect to 4G LTE network, can only connect to Verizon 3G network.

I HAVE ATTEMPTED: Switiching out SIM card, Factory Reset, Completely Flashing a Stock 4.2.2 ROM from Google (Last Official Update for the VZW Samsung Galaxy Nexus)

I have found on google's website that there are Binaries for the Radios on my VZW Samsung GNexus, [link]

However it is stated that it is for a newer version of Android 4.3.3. However, the VZW version of the GNexus only had official updates through 4.2.2.

Can anyone explain what these Binaries do? If they might provide a solution to my 4G LTE connectivity problems, how can I get them on my phone? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!
Binaries for Nexus Devices - Android - Google Developers
This page contains binary hardware support files for Nexus phones and other devices that are available for users of the Android Open-Source Project. These files are for use only on...
[WO] Billygoat286 WO  Death, There isn't a problem. That's intended from Verizon, I don't have the article anywhere but they put more restrictions on when you can use 4G LTE. Tower has to be under a certain load percentage etc etc etc.
[WO] Billygoat286 WO  The other issue could be Kit Kat if you aren't in a congested area. Kit Kat caused some problems on my phone, they got fixed though.
[Adj] DeathCommrade [EXACTA]  I don't have kit kat, and I'm seeing the articles now. God Dammit. They truly hate their unlimted data customers. Granted i'm considered a super user of data usage.
[WO] MrBurbick WOPatch 12.5 released late last night (for us U.S. players). All reviews read so far say multiplayer is running pretty well. Enjoy our jukebox subscribers.
Arena Commander Patch 12.5 Released!
Greetings Citizens, Last week we wrote to update you all on our work towards patch 12.5 and shared details about how we are going about solving the current multiplayer rubber bandi...
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clj3100   YEAH!
[WO] x3z8 WO[EXACTA]  Subscribers get to play with their pretty jukeboxes, and supposedly M50 owners can now climb into their ship and make spaceship noises until they're allowed to fly it!
[BM] Mushroom C1oud BM  That M50 sale starts tomorrow if anyone wants to pick one up
[WO] IronMan243 WOme and billy are on a fail video binge
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