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Goku4444Our recruitment video is not that good and, i think, need to be updated. For example look at this video one of ouftith from cobalt, if you cut that promotion of officers, is pretty nice. [link]
[BM] FFrenchie BMHey guys,
So i have a question for the outfit. The Warframe Branch will be hosting on Open house where you guys can see what the game is like, but to do this you all would need to make characters so we can get you the ability to get into the dojo.... Would any one be interested in doing this?
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Purecheeze3   I'd like to come out and see what y'all do. I've been out there before when y'all first started but I was to low leveled to do anything so I just quit.
[WO] IronMan243 WOi prob wont be on for a couple of day... maybe weeks... cuz i just got gta5 :)
[BM] GrimithX BMASTModerator  it is an addicting game its worse then crack
LtDroidIt's hilarious what some people think about the internet. I told my friend that i had friends online (you guys :)), and she said, "They probably ask for your social security number and stuff like that." I just laughed.
[DL] Allonsen DLModerator  Naw, everyone knows that real net buddies are all sharing their overseas pirating bank accounts anyways.
Beltneck   I have recently come into possession of large sum of money. I need help moving it between countries *100% legal* just send me all contact information and desired location of your 10% share. :)
Beltneck   ^ seriously got an e-mail like that last week. I was like, people are still trying this shi*?
TachyonAlpha OfficerCongratulations to the Warframe branch for gaining official status! Now, how do we go about making Warframe more visible on the website in terms of links and its own sub forum?
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[BM] ONIblue BM  that is being work on. just give us some time to get it worked out
Sabercrystals ZFOUND IT! A license plate cover!
LtDroid   That for your RV? And take pics please!
Sabercrystals Z  It is, /will be
sveden OfficerZWho wants to play some Day Z stable tonight? New patch should be up by evening.
sveden OfficerZ  Never mind. :[ [link]
[BM] ONIblue BMdon't forget that the current member poll closes in two days
[BM] ONIblue BM  [link]
YDOC02Ill be showing up late today im afraid. school dance runs till 5:30 and im not leaving early. any way see yall later.... (and no im not going with any one, so dont ask)
TachyonAlpha Officer  glhf
[DL] Theomanic DLASTModerator  A dance that ends at 5:30? That's darling.
Goku4444Why 4ace is not participating in Server Smesh? You can sign up still on emerald subreddit. You are playing NC on Amerish agenst Cobalt VS (my main character so i will be wathcing you over a orion aim) and its a lot of fun. Xander 4aces deserve and should be on SS!
[BM] BromeHelstrom BM  4ACE isn't part of server smash because we can't commit 12 players to it.
Goku4444   Hi Brome :) to hear that my most fun and tactical playing time in the game was with old setup of 4ace. And i still think you are the best outfith (i play with 6 more and have 1 of my one) out there (at list the old 4 ace) so sad to see you not competing and other zargi outfith dose.
[CO] XanderWiFi [EXACTA]  PS2 is in the midst of a cycle exchange. Happens every couple months or so as folks burn out and whatnot. As soon as I get get myself out of this slump I will be popping in and Das is expected to do good things with the branch. Once I complete the purge it should be more streamlined.
Crusader777   joined The Four Aces
[BM] ONIblue BMjust to remind everyone in the relations branch we do have a meeting at nine
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sveden OfficerZThank dog! Both stable and experimental are steaming piles of crap right now.
Eugen Harton on Twitter: "Tommrow stable maintenance is a lo...
Tommrow stable maintenance is a long one. Expect downtime for most of the day.
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[BM] ChiefFluffykins BMZ  What is a spylenz? some sort of ghost? cause i haven't seen one in a while.
spylenz OfficerZ  You've seen a ghost?
[BM] ChiefFluffykins BMZ  2spoopy4me
[WO] Hexwrench WOOk guys. The care package from the Four Aces to Cloud Imperium Games (makers of Star Citizen) will be shipping THIS FRIDAY. I need everyone who has not yet posted a message to CIG to really, really think about doing so! Link posted in comment below.
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[WO] Hexwrench WO  [link]
[CO] XanderWiFi [EXACTA]  posted mine. feel free to embellish if you like.
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