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[DL] Willame DL[EXACTA]Took a look at the newest "Castle" on the updated Skalisty island for my "deathmatch lite" event... Not the right spot, unfortunately. Maybe Nishnoye would be a good spot
[WO] Xankoshu WO  would you be fine putting 1 group north side of nishnoye and another south side solnichniy. that way we have the factory as the battle ground and a town per team to loot for pre placed packages
[Adj] DeathCommrade [EXACTA]  created a new thread LOOKING FOR: PART TIME/ FULL TIME TWITCH SCHEDULER in the General Discussion forum
[Adj] DeathCommrade [EXACTA]Your welcome
This Guy Remade Super Mario 64's Most Iconic Level In HD And...
On Christmas morning of 1996, the first level of Super Mario...
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[WO] Purecheeze3 WO  Hey! Welcome to the 4ACES!
[BM] MrBurbick BM[EXACTA]  created a new thread Updated 3/30 SC Branch Open Positions in the Star Citizen forum
[DL] Hexwrench DL[EXACTA]Who is picking up a Vanguard?
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[DL] Gh0st1e DL[EXACTA]  Bought one about 2 minutes after getting the email. RIP wallet.
[BM] DeeCav BM[EXACTA]  I really want to get one. It looks so good and comes with LTI? Hell yes I'm in!!!
[DL] Gh0st1e DL[EXACTA]  Yea having a small fleet of these would be awesome for long range scouting into potentially hostile territory. Not to mention with LTI it's pretty much risk free for scouting.
[DL] Willame DL[EXACTA]I'm toying with the idea of creating a smaller, in-house deathmatch game for the DayZ group. Something on a private server perhaps. A simple "Spawn, move to X and pick up a pre-sourced rifle". Would anyone be interested in this sort of thing?
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[DL] Willame DL[EXACTA]  Do need a public/private preference.
[DL] Hexwrench DL[EXACTA]  I want this to happen.
Ooter Officer  I'm in for sure, I think a public hardcore would be the way to go. It would make looting up a little easier.
Ooter OfficerAsked for an introduction to streaming, and what do I get? A visit in RL from HJN all the way from NC.
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[DL] Gh0st1e DL[EXACTA]  Well dang, I thought the only NC people were me, Rilus, and Colbosky.
[WO] HJNFirestare WO  Where in NC are you all?
[DL] Gh0st1e DL[EXACTA]  I'm right outside of Charlotte in Salisbury.
[BM] MrBurbick BM[EXACTA]Test Drive the Aegis Gladius this week.
Link Description
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[DL] Willame DL[EXACTA]The new Aegis Dynamics Vanguard is making me moist
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[BM] MrBurbick BM[EXACTA]  [link]
[DL] Hexwrench DL[EXACTA]  -1 for the word moist.

+2 for the word Vanguard.
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[Adj] DeathCommrade [EXACTA]  Thank you!
[CO] XanderWiFi [EXACTA]  Thank you!
[BM] DeeCav BM[EXACTA]  Thanks Diabetus!!
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