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Reminder of event Warframe - Solar System Sweep in 32 minutes
Have you ever seen an Alert for an item that you really wanted but didn’t have access to that mission node?  This event will help fix that.   This evenin...
[Adj] BromeHelstrom [EXACTA]R.I.P Leonard Nimoy, you lived long, and we prospered for it.
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[DL] Willame DLZ[EXACTA]Persistence on our server *SHOULD BE* working again
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[Adj] BromeHelstrom [EXACTA]  Should is the key word
Sabercrystals Z[EXACTA]All I think of when I keep hearing about this damn dress....
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Sabercrystals Z[EXACTA]dayz in the doom engine, can't go wrong...
Retro DayZ: DoomZ Alpha Impressions | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
By Alec Meer on October 21st, 2014 at 1:00 pm. "This is a a remake of DayZ but made in a superior engine in which zombies can't just walk through walls." I love that. Puritanism in...
Sabercrystals Z[EXACTA]whoooooooooo..... BOO haha
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[DL] Theomanic DLASTModerator[EXACTA]What colours do you see? I see blue and black, but Oni insists it's white and gold.
Some people see this dress as white & gold while others see ...
I don't know where this image originates from but it's around the Internet right now and it shows a picture of a dress that is so very clearly white and gold to me but is black and...
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[BM] GrimithX BMASTModerator[EXACTA]  there was an update on this it was Photoshop trickery its actually a blue and black dress.. theo wins

Crocketeer   The color can literally be either, which is why people can see both.

I worked a bit in theater tech and I could explain the conflict, and what the dress actually is (Besides other explanations).
So typically white light is a mix of gold-amber colors to blue colors (They are complements in the light color spectrum). Materials reflect certain amounts of these colors and the final color depends both on the incoming light and the coloring of the material itself.

Because they are complements, golden materials typically reflect very little blue light and blue materials reflect very little gold light (If you have a light filtered to be almost all blue, gold colors show up black, its kinda cool). Black and white reflect them roughly evenly, but in varying amounts.

So what this means... the color you see can depend on background lighting. If the background light was gold tinted, a strong blue would still show up blue (though dampened), while black would shine slightly gold. If it was blue tinted, the white would be colored blue while the gold would be darkened as there isn't as much gold light to reflect. If background lighting matched the dominant color (blue or gold), it would show up incredibly strong and there would be no contest.

So we go to looking at the background lighting. It is predominantly gold/yellow, which makes the dress blue/black. If the background lighting was blue, it would be a gold/yellow dress if it appeared the same way.

Optics is a strange subject.
[Adj] BromeHelstrom [EXACTA]  [link] has a great visual explanation
[WO] MrBurbick WO[EXACTA]  donated $10.00 to The Four Aces.
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[Adj] BromeHelstrom [EXACTA]  Thanks man!
Sabercrystals Z[EXACTA]I think the Japanese flag is really a pie chart of how afraid they are of Godzilla.
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Sabercrystals Z[EXACTA]Yes that is a dolphin
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[WO] IronMan243 WO  i thought it was a shark
Sabercrystals Z[EXACTA]  Really? Really? GO TO YOUR ROOM
Sabercrystals Z[EXACTA]Black and white will never get old...
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Sabercrystals Z[EXACTA]Got to take some pictures with my new camera!!
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Sabercrystals Z[EXACTA]Free internet is best internet #getrekt by Ookla - My Results
Test your Internet connection bandwidth to locations around the world with this interactive broadband speed test from Ookla
[WO] Hexwrench WO[EXACTA]  Now that Google has teamed up with Starbucks, I get this speed at my local coffee shop.
[WO] Hexwrench WO[EXACTA]  Also.

Step Aside.

Sabercrystals Z[EXACTA]  :) I will go back to my ltitle corner now...
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[DL] x3z8 DLAST[EXACTA]This can only end in tears...
[DL] x3z8 DLAST[EXACTA]  Enjin doesn't like posting the links I tell it to post.
[WO] IronMan243 WO  right now they are shooting a rock
Sabercrystals Z[EXACTA]  the human race has just now reached that point where unless we set fire to the world, it is only downhill from here
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