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[BM] BromeHelstrom BMTwitch Turbo and Reddit Gold for as little as 1$
Humble Flash Bundle: Surprise Attack
Get up to 6 games from indie publisher Surprise Attack featuring Megabyte Punch and more in the Humble Flash Bundle!
[Adj] DeathCommrade [EXACTA]  awwww only 30 day twitch turbo
sveden OfficerZ  Twitch Turbo turbo ain't no red badge of honor. Kappa
LtDroidWatch out DayZ players!
DayZ Player Explains Why You Shouldn't Yell 'I'm Friendly'
It's the most basic interaction in the game. Two players meet in the wastes, someone yells "I'M FRIENDLY I'M FRIENDLY", and then eventually everyone dies. While playing DayZ, TheRu...
[Adj] DeathCommrade [EXACTA]  created a new thread Which Game Controller will you use for SC? in the Star Citizen forum
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[WO] Hexwrench WOJust another reminder to post a quick note from you to Cloud Imperium Games about Star Citizen so that we can send it off with our care package! Leadership not excluded! ;) Link here:
[WO] Hexwrench WO  I don't know why this is linking to the login page. This is where it should be going:

sveden OfficerZ  If you keep asking hex, I'm going to have to answer and mine won't be fit to print. D:
Shepard [EXACTA]I'm glad to say the Warframe meeting last night was a success
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Moit   created a new thread I Moit say hi! in the Member Introductions forum
[WO] The Katz WOWait at 2AM for an hour until Sandersa gets on because I want to share friendship and fun. Tell him how long I've been waiting when he finally shows up in the room with Dradion and I. He immediately leaves. ;_; </3
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[WO] Xankoshu WO  "Notice me senpaiiiiiii!!!!"
[WO] IronMan243 WOsorry i haven't been on lately, i tend to do either take a nap after school or watch netflix and then do hw at about 8 pm and end up watching deep space nine until i go to bed. but i am still alive!
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[DL] Billygoat286 DL  created a new thread Advice with Independent Contracting in the General Discussion forum
[DL] x3z8 DL[EXACTA]ASTI'm assuming that Warframe Meeting was intended to be 5 PM, not AM right?
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[BM] FFrenchie BM  yes
[WO] Squilrhunter WOTo Theo with love
Link Description
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Sabercrystals Z  Fiarly accurate :)
LtDroid   I thought Canadians liked us... *sniff sniff*
[BM] ONIblue BM  Don't trust the Canadians driod, they are evil
Sabercrystals ZOh CSGO How can somebody not love you...??
The rise of Counter-Strike:Global Offensive
A showcase of the game im passionate about.
[DL] x3z8 DL[EXACTA]AST  I love how they barely changed any mechanics between "sucking" and becoming "the next big E-sport", all they did was add cosmetics and dump money for Dreamhack. FPS community, why must you be so hypocritical? :)
Sabercrystals Z  I did notice that as well..
Sabercrystals Z  I think I am having withdraws...
TachyonAlphaWarframe guys, I just got 6 Orokin Cells and 4 Neural Sensors from my extractors (one of which was a distilling). I'm afraid that I have exhausted all of my RNG goodness for the next decade.
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[WO] Squilrhunter WO  Most likely lol
[DL] Billygoat286 DL  Meet RNGesus [link]
[DL] NewLunarRepublic DL[EXACTA]
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A TIE Fighter and the Iron Giant, from artist-slash-game-dev Derek Laufman. These are part of the Inktober campaign, where artists create one ink drawing a day in October to improve their skills. Laufman's already pretty good, as you can...
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You've seen what creative people in Japan have done with bentos , right? Well, imagine the same thing with hot stews. Read more...
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With the first episode of Dreamfall Chapters coming out today, now is the perfect time for me to inform you why you should play The Longest Journey and Dreamfall. (Spoiler: it's because they are awesome.)Read more...
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Calling all One Piece fans! (With money to burn.) Now, you can buy some of the most famous swords from the famed manga and anime series.Read more...
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I am a long-time fan of the Fatal Frame survival horror series—despite my aversion to scary things. And while I'll be the first to agree the franchise has had its ups and downs, the series' Wii U debut, Fatal Frame V, is a solid ou...
Published Oct 21, 2014
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