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[BM] daswehrmacht BM  uploaded an image to Leader Boards
LtDroidOhh! I like the new design of the bar in the bottom right :)
YDOC02Well I fired up Pokemon in preparation for the gaming con next weekend... wont be seeing me much. now if you excuse me I gotta find out what the falafle an EV stat is and why i cant just mop the floor with legendarys.
[BM] GrimithX BMASTModerator  created a new thread Member Ideas for boosting longevity, Basically how d... in the Poll Ideas forum
[CO] XanderWiFi [EXACTA]There will be a surprise Star Citizen Aurora package giveaway compliments of the outfit very soon! It will apply to those who do not have packages yet. Stay tuned and participate on the website when the announcement goes live!
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Banquet   I just bought a starfarer.. if anyone can advise on smaller craft I'd really appreciate it.
Reminder of event Warframe - Survival Sunday, win 30p on 2014-11-23
(changed date since it looked like there was interest) Survival Sunday, Win Platinum! See how long you can go on Tower I Survival! The longest run wins ...
[DL] Sandersa DLASTI'm blue da ba di daba dei!
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[BM] Mushroom C1oud BMI am going to stay away from this anniversary sale for Star Citizen. Like krystophv said though, great opportunity to pick up the game for $20 if you haven't bought it yet.
[CO] XanderWiFi [EXACTA]  when does this sale happen and are packages still giftable?
[DL] x3z8 DLAST[EXACTA]  Right now Xander, through this week. I believe all but the Javelin are giftable, may be wrong though.
[WO] MrBurbick WOMUST......NOT.......BUY.........INTERNET SPACE SHIPS.
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[DL] x3z8 DLAST[EXACTA]  I just bought $20 bucks worth of character items... Jacket, racing suit, and the sidearm.

I'm a sucker for exclusives and character stuff.
[WO] Hexwrench WOIts official. Javelin, $2500. Should we?
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[BM] ONIblue BM  i agree with mush and i really want that javelin( i love destroyers). plus i don't think the javelin has a hanger, but a launch pad
[DL] zet360 DL  i agree but want to bring up the topic of ai crew for half the turrets or more that would be painting a box around the ship with cannon fire then 4 or 6 real people that aim
[BM] ONIblue BM  yes but i believe that the javalin needs a 24/7 crew and the a.i. will not be good for defending the ship
HJNFirestare   created a new thread Hello everyone in the Member Introductions forum
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Anniversary sale starts today (11/21/14)
6 Star Citizen
Survival Sunday, win 30 platinum!
0 Warframe
HJNFirestare   joined The Four Aces
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[WO] Hexwrench WOThis morning:

Hi Hexwrench,

You have been awarded a 15%-off coupon valid for one purchase, to a maximum of $100 USD, because you accumulated over a year of Imperator subscription.

Your coupon code is XXXXXXXXXXXXX. It can be applied to any non-physical product order, simply enter the code during checkout.

You can also find it as a reward in the My Hangar section of your account.

If you need personal assistance, please feel free to contact us directly by visiting: [link]

Roberts Space Industries

Link Description
[WO] krystophv WO[EXACTA]  To maximize your potential savings, you need to spend $666.66.
LtDroid   Congrats congrats, for spending a constant year in your flying simulator! :)
[WO] Hexwrench WO  Now I HAVE to buy something in this sale. YOU GOT ME AGAIN CIG.
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