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[DL] Sandersa DLASTHappiness! Dancing! Fun! and shirts, many many shirts.
Sniperagent1   joined The Four Aces
Tarnaknakbout 2 get fortuna B)
[BM] FFrenchie BMCan someone tell me how Xander playing Warframe went??
[DL] Theomanic DLASTModerator  created a new thread The new Thor (comic) in the General Discussion forum
[DL] zet360 DLSO I want an extremely informal head count that if I start a monthly drunken warframe ops night how many participants would attend.
[BM] FFrenchie BM  So youre only coming once Zet?
Shepard [EXACTA]  you can count on me
GPBurdell Officer  created a new thread Tips for killing Stalker in the Warframe forum
zombiekillersp   joined The Four Aces
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[DL] TaKiere DL  Welcome!

I did it guys !!! I built my rig. Thanks to all that helped , Lets do this !!!!
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LtDroid   I'm that "LOL peasant" -_-
[WO] IronMan243 WO  that 100% describes pc gamers
[DL] zet360 DL  Mods make it all worth it to an extreme
[WO] MrBurbick WOImpromptu live stream ~30 min...maybe we'll start with some dayZ
[WO] MrBurbick WO  [link]
[BM] FFrenchie BM  created a new thread If you could build any computer with no money constr... in the General Discussion forum
phenik [EXACTA]The kids computers are struggling to play a new game I got them, the wife mentions "well how much to build them a new computer" DING DING DING, is that an open invitation for me to build a new rig for myself :), time to pull out my stashed cash. minimum I get them a barebones and toss in this vid card then buy a nice one for myself, we both win!
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[WO] IronMan243 WO  poor wife, she threw herself into a trap lol
LtDroid   What type of "kid game" needs a gaming comp?
phenik [EXACTA]  early access unoptimized ones
[CO] XanderWiFi Z[EXACTA]I will be playing Warframe tomorrow night. And will need guides. Looking forward to seeing you new folks. Get some time in with the boss.
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[DL] x3z8 DLAST[EXACTA]  That last sentence, oh man. No pressure! ;P
[DL] zet360 DL  Oh God Keys and I need to hide a few things ;)
Shepard [EXACTA]  yeah ill definitely try to be on to help out
[BM] ONIblue BMZdamn you orgin and this slow download!
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[DL] Allonsen DLModerator  God, ONI, Still?
[DL] x3z8 DLAST[EXACTA]  Lol, par for the course man. The only EA games I haven't lost 100% faith in are NFS.
[BM] ONIblue BMZ  it finished at 10:30 last night an all I can say is it was worth the wait
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