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1. Create an Enjin profile before submitting applications.

2. Create your game characters so you can be found in the user list easily.

3. You must review the 4ACE Outfit Charter and associated game charters.

4. Upon acceptance, you will receive a Welcome Letter with further instructions and information pertaining to the outfit.
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Will you have difficulty respecting/functioning in a para-military rank structure (Chain of Command)?
How did you find The Four Aces Outfit? List whoever invited you in (if applicable).
What is your in-game character name for easier recognition? Be sure to register it on your profile as well (see link at top of form).
All training and events are scheduled through this website. Will it be difficult to check in to remain updated?
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What impressed you to join The Four Aces Outfit?
Do you understand that absence from this website longer than one month without written notice to XanderWiFi will result in expulsion? This is to maintain an active and vibrant community.
Have you read, understood and accept the terms detailed in the outfit charter?
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