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derpydog347Whats up just asking if anyone been playing minecraft lately
[WO] TaKiere WOSo my headphones broke which means I now have a great excuse to buy new ones! I am looking for recommendations, what about surround sound headphones? Any suggestions?
[DL] x3z8 DL[EXACTA]AST  I'm a snob when it comes to headphones, but also a fanboy of Razer for gaming peripherals. My recommended headsets would be [link] or [link] The Tiamat 2.2s are half the price, so if you don't have a 7.1 soundcard get them instead of the 7.1s.
[WO] Oxconfusion WO  I have the Tiamat 7.1's, and they're rather nice. Only issue I've had is an extremely loud buzzing if you use a poorly grounded USB, and with the control Knob's lights all on it buzzes as well, but at a more tolerable level.

I do however have very sensitive hearing; you may or may not hear it as bad.
[WO] GrimChains WO  I've been SUPER happy with my Sennheiser HD 290's. Long cord, great sound, and rugged as hell. Two years later, they're still working like new. They're also piece-wise replaceable for when they DO break.
pielover23Hey guys, i'm going to an airshow tomorrow, i'll try to get some pictures and show you guys. (The blue angels will be there so that will be cool)
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Sabercrystals ZHey what is the link to the plug dj?
[DL] Theomanic DLASTModerator  [link]
sveden OfficerZLeft for Dead 2 is 75% off! $5 gets you the best zombie horde game evah!
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sveden OfficerZ  [link]
[DL] NewLunarRepublic DL[EXACTA]Finally Got my Alpha Acess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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[BM] BromeHelstrom BM  After playing Nrush so much I can't wait to get Distance
sveden OfficerZ  Is this F-Zero?
[DL] x3z8 DL[EXACTA]AST  Wow, I'll have to get this. Can you play it in first person? Because that would be even cooler.
sveden OfficerZ  created a new thread Sveden's video clip thread. in the General Discussion forum
[WO] Sandersa WOGod damn Alpacas man... [link]
Hatsune Miku - Leave In Summer, Yet You're In My Fluffoughts...
Also known as ARPK 2: Two-rai Yo. By baker, the leading expe...
Shribbles   created a new thread Shribble's Intro in the Member Introductions forum
Sabercrystals ZIt brings me much pain to say this, but it has to be done. So as it stands now, me and a buddy are going to buy an old (working) RV for around 5 grand. Our plan is to travel the country going from city to city getting part time jobs for about 2 months and moving on. From the research we have done thousands of people do this and I have always wanted to this as well. And fortunately for me I have found someone who has the same thirst for adventure. In order to fund this trip, I will be selling my steam account currently valued at just under 4000 dollars, and my rig which took 800 dollars to build, for 1000 dollars. I will be stopping by from time to time but it will be all dependent on WiFi hotspots. this is not happening for another 4 months but I figured I would let you know early. This outfit has been spectacular, absolutely spectacular, and it will not go down without a fight and will always have a special place in my memories, I don't think I will be gaming with you again. I still have the ts ip so be fair warned, I will be dropping by... Sincerely Saber

PS. We bring our house with us, and we plan on seeing quite a few friends from Ohio to Vancouver that we have met online... just sayin :)
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[DL] x3z8 DL[EXACTA]AST  Good luck on your adventures man! I'll miss you on CS!
Sabercrystals Z  as will I
[WO] 19chiodowi WO  Bye sabre :( the outfit will not be the same without you
PolarisC8Don't know if anyone cares, but it's looking like Scotland might vote "No". Could still come down to the wire.
PolarisC8   Everyone seems to have decided it's over. 54% "No" to 46% "Yes" Scotland stays in the UK.
conankhanSo dasanfall is tracking us..... [link] Considering my terrible K/D it's a bit embarrassing.
conankhan - PLAYER - PlanetSide 2 - is a statistics & analytics website for PlanetSide 2
WickedgamerzThis is scary! T_T
I need to be evaluated but I might get purged before its time!!! ;(
#Just wet my pants.
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Wickedgamerz   woops I added spaces.... ;X
LtDroid   Its not that bad man i just went through a few weeks ago
[BM] ONIblue BM  talk to brome or wolf, they will work with you to get this taken care of
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[WO] phenik WO[EXACTA]  Dont know what to comment on this one...
[WO] Sandersa WO  what
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