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[DL] Hexwrench DL[EXACTA]Who is gettin a Hull?
[DL] Willame DL[EXACTA]  I'm picturing a Hull A or B with turret gimbals rather then cargo boxes. Nice little gunship on a budget
[DL] Hexwrench DL[EXACTA]Skyrim is 4.99 on Steam. Go buy the greatest single player experience in the history of gaming. Get it here: [link] Then go download billions of mods from here: [link] .

If I have time in the near future, I will put together a modpack of must-haves for your downloading pleasure.
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[WO] x3z8 WO[EXACTA]  Also remember to get your mods from Skyrim Nexus and not Steam! So much more user friendly.
[DL] Willame DL[EXACTA]  As well as being free, too
[DL] Willame DL[EXACTA]  Oh, that's where the second link goes
Grayhawk36that was some good fights tnight guys good job all who were there great to see ppl using tactics good work guys
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Whisky4me   created a new thread Cheers :) in the Member Introductions forum
MrPandaaBear   created a new thread Hello everyone, Craig in the Member Introductions forum
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TaKiere [EXACTA]  Welcome to 4ACE! We are awesome and so can you!
Mithrandirwell looks like me and the SO are all moved in!
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Mithrandir   maybe now ill get to play with everyone!
WhattaDroid   registered to The Four Aces Outfit
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TaKiere [EXACTA]  Welcome welcome :)
[WO] x3z8 WO[EXACTA][link]
reason on Twitter
News flash: #NorthKorea wins #EarthDay for record 45th time in a row! ... HT @Neoavatara
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[WO] x3z8 WO[EXACTA]  This was a pain to post.. I had to remove the thumbnail or it would post only the image. >.>
[BM] MrBurbick BM[EXACTA]Damn left myself logged on to TS for 24hrs.
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spylenzHappy Earth Day! Took the google doodle quiz, it told me I'm a wooly mammoth...So unique that I'm extinct. Haha :)
earth day quiz - Google Search
EARTH DAY QUIZ! You can search Google for answers to all ...
[Adj] DeathCommrade [EXACTA]Looking to Sell 4 X 4GB Corsiar Vengeance Blue RAM Sticks. 1333 MHz

60 bucks + Shipping OBO

Great for a budget gamer. You'll never use all this RAM
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[Adj] DeathCommrade [EXACTA]  Welcome!
[BM] DeeCav BM[EXACTA]  Welcome guys!!
pielover23Since I am not sure where in the bureaucracy to send this to, im gonna post it here.
Due to an increase in schoolwork and testing approaching, I will be unavailable for up to the next 3 months, if anyone knows who in the bureaucracy this was supposed to go to, please let them know.
[CO] XanderWiFi [EXACTA]  If you read the outfit charter you would know. Send me a PM with the same info please so I can put you on the away roster.
TaKiere [EXACTA]  Thanks for the heads up tho!
[DL] Willame DL[EXACTA]This'll get you up to speed on upcoming additions
DayZ Dev Questions & Answers - Eugen Harton, April 20th - An...
DayZ Dev Questions & Answers - Eugen Harton, April 20th - posted in Announcements & Information: Keeping track of all the things that change during development of DayZ may be quite...
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