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For a game that says it'll make your eyeballs work better, Ultimeyes isn't exactly a work of art. It's a work of science, though, one that presents a series of eye-training challenges in game-like form. After playing it a few times this ...
Published Apr 18, 2014
Sony is kicking off your weekend with some deep, deep discounts on 30 different PSN titles, some PS3, some Vita, some cross-buy. Highlights includes Braid, Everyday Shooter, echochrome ii, Plants vs. Zombies, Super Stardust HD, and Tokyo...
Published Apr 18, 2014
Gameloft's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is now available on Android and iOS. A free-roaming adventure in which a man in a spider costume swings about New York, beating up thugs and pondering his relationships. Get it for $4.99 oniTunes or Go...
Published Apr 18, 2014
Spoiler: the stupid joke-gimmick glasses I'm wearing at the beginning of this video don't do anything to make Not a Hero look any cooler. That's okay, though. The new over-the-top action game doesn't need help looking cool, because it ha...
Published Apr 18, 2014
Reddit user Quiznos323 built a Star Destroyer in Kerbal Space Program, and actually managed to get it into space (but not orbit). Read more...
Published Apr 18, 2014
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FutureMarine117   created a new thread teamspeak? in the General Discussion forum
ONIblue [WO]ok as of right now leadership training will be postpone due to a emergency, sorry about that guys we will plan to reschedule
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ONIblue [WO]  we are all hoping that everything go well, sorry that you have to be in the ER
LMGulf   lol, ER sucks. I remember when I did clinical s there for me EMT school. Had an old lady that got pissed with waiting so she pissed on the floor and started knocking over equipment. The 5-0 had to come get her. Had an old dude do something similar because we wouldn't let him smoke inside the ER and we weren't willing to accept legal liability with wheeling his crippled butt outside to smoke.
LMGulf   also too many laws and restrictions on medical care. Should give more liberties to the doctors and medical staff.
Stuartus   created a new thread Stuartus - ExAACE Pilot - Introduction in the Member Introductions forum
Odin Lowe   joined The Four Aces
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IronMan243 [WO]the freddi fish and spy fox complete packs are on STEAM!!!! totally gonna get those, i used to play it all the time
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FutureMarine117   created a new thread Im the Futuremarine117 in the Member Introductions forum
Mocha Officer[EXACTA]Incident Report page is now up and running. Use it if needed. (Though I hope it wouldn't be)
Allonsen [WO]GAH! I'm having an Identity Crisis right now.
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Allonsen [WO]  HA! It's been dealt with, and now this whole thing is going to look very confusing.
Shepard Officer[EXACTA]  happy to help
Sandersa   What exactly is an Identity Crisis? You just don't know who you are?
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